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American UL certification

UL Certification Authority_ UL testing laboratory

Guangdong UK Testing is a professional third-party UL certification institution authorized by UL. It has its own independent testing laboratory, which can provide UL certification, UL predictive testing and UL commissioned testing services for products in the fields of connectors, electronic components, electrical accessories, new energy components, etc.

We have maintained a long-term friendly cooperation with UL. As an authorized UL TPTDP witness free testing laboratory, we have a complete testing laboratory, sophisticated experimental equipment and senior UL certified engineers in the industry. We can help your products obtain UL certification and sell them in the North American market. We are your primary partner in applying for UL certification.

UL authorized qualification


Introduction to UL Certification

UL is the abbreviation of Underwriter Laboratories inc. U safety laboratory is the most authoritative institution in the United States, and also a large non-governmental institution engaged in safety testing and identification in the world. It has a complete set of strict organization and management system, standard development and product certification procedures. The UL mark is a widely recognized mark that certifies that the product complies with the safety regulations of the United States. The logo is also officially recognized by Canadian provinces and regions.

UL certification is a non mandatory certification in the United States, mainly for testing and certification of product safety performance, and its certification scope does not include EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) characteristics of products.

In a word, it is mainly engaged in product safety certification and operating safety certification business. Its ultimate purpose is to obtain products with a fairly safe standard for the market and make contributions to the guarantee of human health and property safety. As an effective means to eliminate technical barriers to international trade, UL also plays an active role in promoting the development of international trade.

Advantages of UL certification service

1. We have professional engineers to divide your products into units, evaluate the structure, provide factory audit guidance, and guide the factory to make test samples;

2. Provide comprehensive pre-test according to the test methods required by the standards, ensure that your products pass UL, TUV, CQC and other certifications at one time, and save the high retest costs caused by uncontrollable failures;

3. The test can be completed directly in our UK laboratory without sending the product to the United States, and the whole process is controllable;

4. The enterprise can send technicians to our laboratory to witness the whole UL testing process, and truly achieve zero distance communication and mutual learning with the enterprise;

5. The senior engineer team provides one-to-one service throughout the process, greatly improving the certification efficiency and pass rate.

UL Certification Authority

UL certification process

1. Item determination: UL standard, certification cost and time, sample quantity, etc. on which the confirmation test is based

2. Data preparation: according to UL requirements, the enterprise shall prepare all data or documents required for certification;

3. Sample sending test: the enterprise sends the samples to Guangdong UK Testing Laboratory for product testing;

4. Issuing report: the product test results meet the requirements of UL standards, and the test report is officially issued;

5. Factory audit: UL will conduct the first factory inspection on the production factory to ensure that it meets the standard requirements;

6. Mark use: After the review meets the requirements, the applicant is officially authorized to use the UL mark.

UL Certification FAQs

1. How long is the UL certificate valid?

UL certification has no validity period. UL reflects the situation of the applicant company by file number. As long as you inspect the factory on time every year and submit maintenance fees on time, UL certification will always be valid.

2. How long does it take to get UL certification?

The UL certification processing cycle takes about 2-3 months. The preliminary preparation is very important. The more timely and sufficient the enterprise information preparation, the shorter the UL certification cycle will be. If the product quality of the enterprise is good, the test can be passed smoothly, and the UL certification time can be greatly shortened.

3. How much is UL certification?

The UL certification fee is based on the product. There are great differences between different industries and product categories. Specific analysis of specific products is required, usually tens of thousands of yuan.

The UL certification fee is mainly composed of two parts: one is the early detection fee, and the other is the later maintenance fee. The early detection fees are mainly charged according to the standard, so the charging standards for different products are also different. We need you to provide the products for your evaluation before we can quote for you.

The cost of post maintenance is related to the number and frequency of UL certification audits. UL certification requires four factory audits each year, one in spring, summer, autumn and winter. The file maintenance cost, as well as the UL logo cost, will only incur later maintenance costs if the previous tests can be passed.

4. Does UL certification require factory inspection?

UL certification requires factory inspection. After the enterprise applies for UL certification for the first time, it can arrange shipment only after the first factory inspection. The purpose is to ensure that the products continue to meet the requirements of UL certification and that all products produced are consistent with the test samples.

For subsequent certification, it is not necessary to re ship the products from the factory with prior inspection. The annual inspection of UL is conducted once a quarter, and the factory inspection is conducted four times a year.


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