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Secondary screening of electronic components

Secondary screening mechanism for electronic components

The secondary screening of electronic components is an important means to check the qualification rate and quality consistency of components. The secondary screening can eliminate the early failure products caused by manufacturing defects, and improve the reliability of the whole batch of devices. Guangdong Youke Testing is a third-party testing agency focusing on testing electronic components, which can provide secondary screening services for electronic components such as electronic components, semiconductor discrete devices, semiconductor integrated circuits, and electronic product modules.


Purpose of secondary screening

In the production process of components, due to human factors or fluctuations in raw materials, process conditions and equipment conditions, it is impossible for the final products to reach the expected inherent reliability level. In a batch of finished products, there are always some products with various potential defects, and their life is far lower than the average life of the products. Such early failure products are called early failure products. The secondary screening is to carry out some tests for different failure modes to eliminate early failure products, which can effectively improve the overall reliability of the system. The purpose of secondary screening of electronic components is to eliminate early failure products and improve the reliability of product batch use.

Applicable range of secondary screening of electronic components

A. The manufacturer did not conduct "primary screening", or the user did not have a specific understanding of the items and stresses of "primary screening";

B. The manufacturer has conducted "primary screening", but the "primary screening" items or stresses cannot meet the user's requirements for quality;

C. Special screening items that are not specified in the product scope and the manufacturer does not have screening conditions;

D. Components that need to be verified if the manufacturer has carried out "primary screening" according to the requirements of the contract or specification or if the effectiveness of the manufacturer's "primary screening" is in doubt.

Product range covered by secondary screening

Electronic components: resistance, capacitance, inductance, relay, magnetic bead, transformer, crystal oscillator, crystal resonator, relay, electrical connector, etc;

Semiconductor discrete devices: diode, triode, MOS tube, IGBT, etc;

Semiconductor integrated circuit: CPU, memory, FPGA, AD/DA, digital circuit, analog circuit, hybrid circuit, DC/DC, etc;

Electronic module: power module, communication module, control module, etc. have relatively complete circuits with functions.


Secondary screening and classification of components

Classification by nature:

(1) Examination and screening: microscopic examination, infrared non-destructive examination, X-ray non-destructive examination.

(2) Sealing screening: liquid immersion leak detection, helium mass spectrum leak detection, radioactive tracer leak detection, humidity test.

(3) Environmental stress screening: vibration, impact, centrifugal acceleration, temperature impact, temperature storage, and comprehensive stress.

(4) Life screening: power aging and reverse bias aging screening.

Classification by production process:

(1) Process screening of production line

(2) Finished product screening

(3) Installation, adjustment and screening (i.e. simulating the use status of the whole machine)

Classification by filtering method:

(1) Distribution truncation screening: sorting of component parameter performance;

(2) Stress intensity screening: measure and sort components after applying a certain strength of stress;

(3) Aging screening: test and screen the components after applying various stresses within the specified time;

(4) Linear discriminant screening: similar to aging screening, but it should be judged by mathematical statistics;

(5) Precise screening: Carry out long-term aging under conditions close to the use of components and accurately measure parameter changes for many times for selection and prediction.

third-party testing agency focusing on testing electronic components

How much is the secondary screening fee for electronic components?

There is no fixed quotation for the secondary screening cost of electronic components, so the cost should be evaluated according to the specific products and screening test scheme screened. The following data should be provided for the secondary screening price of electronic components:

1. List of screening devices (specifications, parameters, quantities, etc.).

2. Screening basis or screening specification or screening scheme.

3. Other information (such as periodic requirements, additional requirements, etc.).

Why do you choose Guangdong UK Testing for secondary screening of components?

1. Reliability testing experts, customized services and professional technical training services.

2. The screening scheme and procedures for components can be accurately formulated according to the customer's product specifications.

3. Accurately locate the failure mechanism of components according to the screening results, and provide the failure analysis scheme of components according to customer requirements.

4. Military level testing system control+military laboratory approved testing equipment, to ensure the testing process and testing accuracy, and the third-party impartial testing organization.

5. Twenty years of professional testing laboratory for components+one-stop testing service for components: component automation seal testing, component screening of brand suppliers, automotive electronics (AEC-Q100, AEC-Q200), military electronics, DPA testing, failure analysis and other testing supporting capabilities.


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